About Us

DWL Brand, Mfg. is an animal control equipment manufacturing business. Our motto for our animal control methods is “Efficiency and Effectiveness”. Customers say our Wildlife Control Traps catch animals faster! Years of trapping skunks, squirrel removal, chipmunk pests, rodent trapping and all phases of animal control taught us well. Our patented animal removal equipment is the product of years of thought and testing in the field of new ideas for wildlife damage control. Thought went into our traps not only to catch animals faster, but to hold them securely in our well made traps designed to the benefit of the animal as the animal is covered from the top and sides, giving them a sense of cover from enemies. A calmer animal is the result and it helps to ensure a successful release where applicable. Skunks trapped in our KnO-Spray skunk trap the night before are often found taking a nap the next morning! Our goal is to be Efficient and Effective but also as Easy on the Animals as possible. Whether you’re trapping skunks, removing fox squirrels, trapping grey squirrels or chipmunk pests, you’ll appreciate the solid construction and design of the DWL Brand Live Animal Traps! Providing solutions are what we are all about. We provide ‘confidence in solutions’ and pledge quality in the end product before it reaches your door. Thank you for putting your trust in DWL Brand, Mfg.