KnO-Spray™ Skunk Trap

Patented #6,618,982

“City Woman Approved, it’s that Easy!”

Safest trap in not getting sprayed.

The Ultimate in Perfection. Heavy-Duty Construction. Built to Last! Bait & Lure Protected from the Elements, keeps on working.

It’s the Best Positive-Lock System on the Market – our Patented Shur-Lock™! Try the Best Skunk Trap on the Market. Easy Rear Door Release – Quick & Easy Access to Bait Trap.

Pick up Trap and Take it away – when the Skunk can’t see you, he’s less likely to Spray you!

Over-sized pan that Skunks cannot walk over, they’ll trip it every time! All welded pan construction.

Also good for Opossum, Feral Cats, and even Woodchucks. A Real Money Maker!

Dimensions: 23″L x 10″H x 8″W

Price (includes shipping and handling): $109.98


Watch this video and see how easy it is to pick up and take a skunk away and let it go: