Big Mouth™, Wide Door™ Squirrel Trap

Patented #6,618,982

For those Finicky, touchy Grey and Fox Squirrels.

More than Double the Width Size Opening of the Standard Squirrel Traps. The door alone is 13 1/2″ Wide by 8″ High!

Utilizing our Patented Shur-Lock™ System! A Real Money Maker!

Over-sized pan that Squirrels cannot step over, thereby having to step on it and always trip it! Squirrel hunters in the South have called this trap the fastest for catching Squirrels going! The wide door gives the squirrels a feeling of safety, as well as the solid cover to hide from overhead predators.

13 1/2″ L x 15 1/2″ W x 9 1/4″ H

Price (includes shipping and handling):